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From a young age I have been fascinated by water and what lurks beneath it. From as early as two years old you could say I was drawn to the water and by the time I could walk I was already exploring its riches with a fishing rod! Growing up on the Charlotte Harbour in Florida, my free time was consumed by my thirst for finding out about all things fishing. I was obsessed!


I studied everything about it, from fish migrations in the harbour, what they eat, the best time of year to target specific species, through to experimenting with different tactics such as finding the best hooks and lures to use. I wanted to know everything and began studying a wide range of specific fish including Tarpon, Sharks, Snook, Redfish, Trout, Cobia and many, many more! I leapt at the chance of fishing on my friend’s boats for the opportunity of learning new waters and honing my craft. This hunger for more knowledge that began when I was young has only evolved and it never ceases. I am continuously exploring new patches of water, experimenting with new tactics through trial and error and learning more about the fish every day. 


Throughout my years, one species of fish has emerged as a favorite for me, the Tarpon. Thanks to their incredible acrobatics in the water and their true beauty, nothing beats the feeling of hooking into one. The fish inspired the name for my company, in part thanks to perhaps my most memorable achievement to date in 2013, in Boca Grande, FL where all my years of experience paid off and I caught an extremely rare Albino Tarpon. The feeling was like no other and you can actually witness the event on our YouTube channel!


Today, I recently earned my captains license and hope to spark the same passion and thirst for knowledge in others. I want everyone to share in the adventures with me and I hope to provide some of the knowledge I have accumulated. Nothing brings me more happiness than being out on the water fishing and I hope this inspires others to see what all the fuss is about!


-Captain Barry

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