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Terminal Tackle and Bait

Terminal Tackle

The terminal tackle used to hook the tarpon is as follows: 40lb test monofilament tied to a swivel with a Palomar knot, a six ounce sinker attached to the mainline, six to eight feet of 80lb monofilament leader tied to the swivel with a Uni knot, and a 4/0 J-hook attached to the leader with a Snell knot.



Boca Grande Pass Crab

Above is a picture of the crab used to hook the tarpon. This crab from Boca Grande Pass was scooped off the surface during one of the drifts.



Declawing the crab

The Pass crab was declawed in order to prevent it from grabbing the leader and spiraling into the current. Additionally, a declawed crab allows for a more natural presentation to a tarpon.



Hooking the crab.

The hook was placed in the corner of Pass crab’s shell to prolong its longevity and to allow it to be hydrodynamic at certain depths of the water column.


Transaction Point